"We first met Toni in 2016 at the monthly Fox Valley Apartment assoc. meetings. Although we did not know anything about her, it did not take us long to notice a pattern. Everyone at these meetings is professionally involved in the income property industry in some capacity or another,but there always seemed to be one "go-to" person that everyone looked to to answer the difficult questions. Time and again that person was Toni. We had just purchased 40 units that were in need of much repair and when managing all of the paperwork, rent collection and tenant relations became too much for our schedule, we decided to hire a property manager.

Although we knew we were probably going to go with Toni, we interviewed 2 or 3 other purportedly reputable firms to make sure we were not missing something. We contracted with Toni and her group in 2017 (now Coldwell Banker) and they have done a good enough job that we have had very little to deal with on that side of the business, which is why we hired them to in the first place. We would highly recommend them. "

- Tom and Kim

"I reached a point in my life where I no longer had the time I needed to devote to self-management of my rental property. A growing family and busier day job was forcing me to consider selling until I was referred to Toni and the Coldwell Banker Property Management Team. As soon as I met Toni for a site visit I knew she would be a great fit to allow me to keep my investment and maximize my time elsewhere. I found the management fees to be priced fairly and well worth it. I sleep easier at night, not just because I no longer receive those “fix it please” phone calls (yes!!), but because I know my tenants were thoroughly screened and have signed leases that definitely abide by landlord-tenant law. Toni and her Team greatly help reduce the everyday risks that a novice rental property owner just isn’t an expert on, but needs to be. I also appreciate the prudent approach to building maintenance and the monthly financial statements that allow me to easily monitor my investment. Thank you!!
Appreciate what you folks do for me. "

- Josh